UI/UX | Graphic Designer

Papyrus Website

Home Page

Designed the main home page to be more blocky and image-based for a clean and attractive page. A few blocks for main feature of the season along with simple category sliders so customer could quickly find the product for their occasions.

Category Filter Page

Stacked filter system to allow customer to quickly pick their category based on criteria. Each category is stacked upon page opening for a clean look, however, customer could just click on categories to find what they are looking for in just few clicks.

Product Page

Was strive for a clean and contemporary look for the product page. Buying option area is simple and user could purchase in just few clicks. Add to cart button is strong and visible for better call-to-action. With a stackable description area block, the entire page is less text so it looks cleaner and appealing. This is also to avoid unnecessary information in case the customer do not like this particular product. A block of recommended products is designed below the description box for similar products.

Checkout Page

Checkout page is blocky and easy to view where everything is. Customer could easily edit the product and remove/add quantities. Price, tax and subtotal is being organized in column shape for easy understanding what the cost of each product. Checkout button is bulky and strong color contrast for better call-to-action.

Case Study

User Persona

User Journey Map

A sample user journey page for Papyrus.
User goal: The user wants to pick and buy her friend a funny birthday card under $5.