UI/UX | Graphic Designer

Squish Candies


Logo re-branded for Squish Candies, a gummy candy store based in Montreal, Canada. Characteristic of the company brand is natural, playful and unique.

Visual Identity

Mini Visual Identity mood board for Squish Candies.

Business Card

Folded business card to add convenience for writing down candy flavors tried in store. Created stick up logomark at the top of the card to add a sense of fun and playfulness.

Candy Packaging

Grandient packaging that is more organic and “handmade” looking. Package reseal and easy click back ribbon to make the customer feel like opening up a gift each time.

Gift Box

Simple, elegant and playful. Drawer-like giftbox added a sense of playfulness and surprise as the customer slowly opening the gift box.

Shopping Bag

Simple and elegant bag that stand out in the crowd.